Sunday, January 11, 2009

You're a sad sack.
A purple pile of poop with googly eyes.
Lordy, you love the milkshakes!
In fact, in your early days you would do anything for the frothy stuff.
You terrorized McDonaldland.
You had four grubby purple mitts that would grab as many milkshakes your diabetic paws would allow.
Then one day, there was a change in your icy purple heart.
You became friends with Ronald and less obsessed with milkshakes.
So much so that two of your purple paws fell off your tepid torso.
What happened Grimace?
Did Ronald sit you down and scold your cold ways?
Or, were you simply afraid you might die from a milkshake-induced heart attack?
We don't see you around much any more.
Not even in a box of McDonaldland cookies.
I'm afraid you have wasted away to nothing and now you look like a purple dildo with googly eyes.

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