Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ACTING! The Diviners-Kettering Fairmont HS 1987

                                           C.C. Showers & Buddy (Me & Dan Hickey)

                                           Dan, Tammy Grubb, Me, Nick Eddy
                                           Me & Nick.

                                             Seasholtz & Eddy

                                          Me, Nick, Dan & Holly Martin

                                           Norma sweeps up! (Julie Williams)

                                          Doug Stienke & unknown!

The Diviners was my big break as a leading man in the last high school production of my career! It was pretty bleak and serious stuff for a high school play. It's about a former preacher (C.C. Showers) who stumbles into a small southern town where he meets Buddy who is a diviner, meaning he can find water wells with a stick. Thing is, Buddy won't bathe because his mother drowned when he was a wee lad. At the end C.C. convinces Buddy to get in the water only to have the entire town show up thinking it's a baptism and Buddy drowns. The end! Our whole production was done in a  minimalistic style with no scenery on a raised inclined stage. Our director, Ric Roe was full of piss and vinegar and worked us young thespians hard. In fact, he thought we were doomed to fail until after opening night when suddenly everything came together like magic! It convinced my dad that maybe going to college for theater wasn't such a crazy idea after all. In fact, Dan Hickey and I both ended up going to Eastern Michigan University to study theater. I think these pictures are great and really show how intense our little play was.