Thursday, February 10, 2011

R.I.P. DR. CREEP-Barry Lee Hobart (June 23, 1941 – January 14, 2011)


I feel sorry for today's TV generation.
They will never know the comfort of Uncle Al & Captain Wendy
Singing for you every morning and having you do the Twist on a tree stump for a box of Mama's cookies and a bottle of Barq's.

They will never will never feel the secret thrill of knowing Mister Moose is about to unleash a hell-storm of ping-pong balls unto Captain Kangaroo's head!

They have no Doctor Creep to guide them through a week's worth of Godzilla movies on Shock Theater.

No Joe Smith and Duffy the Dog to teach them traffic safety in between Tom & Jerry cartoons after school.

Here's to the forgotten local kiddie show hosts.

You'll always be remembered as a friend to me.

No matter what time.

No matter what channel.